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A Puzzle Society Puzzle Hunt National Treasures 

Case File #284

Welcome to the Puzzle Society’s inaugural puzzle hunt. What’s that, you ask? Happy to explain. A puzzle hunt is a series of anagrams, cryptograms, brainteasers, riddles, and/or word plays that are all connected to a larger meta puzzle. Your job is to solve each puzzle—and then use those answers to suss out one final solution.

We purposely do not give you explicit directions on how to work each puzzle—not because we are stingy or curmudgeonly, but because how to solve is as much of a challenge as the puzzle itself. (However, we do offer hints because, as I said, we aren’t stingy or curmudgeonly.)

In fact, here’s our first hint: Grab a pencil and paper! You’ll need them to jot down ideas and potential answers to each puzzle.

Use the Table of Contents below to navigate to each puzzle. You’re free to skip around, but because the accompanying story is linear we recommend you work in order. Stay signed in to your account so we can save your progress. The epilogue will unlock when you have successfully solved each preceding puzzle.

Good luck and happy puzzling!

repeating pattern of small keyholes with a larger key in the center

Table of Contents