About Us

The Puzzle Society® is a community for puzzle and gaming enthusiasts who enjoy mental challenges or a break from their daily routines. Our content is diverse, including starter-level puzzles for those who are new or rediscovering an old passion for crosswords, word puzzles or number games. It’s been noted by many medical professionals that puzzle-solving can improve memory, language skills and activity in the brain’s parietal lobe, which controls recognition, attention and visuospatial relationships. The Puzzle Society® is not only fun and challenging, but can provide a valuable mental stimuli throughout the day.

Our site’s content includes classic puzzles that take you back to childhood as well as the introduction of new favorites that we are introducing to a wider audience.

For only $19.95/year (charged in a one-time annual fee), you can have full access to The Puzzle Society® and all of its exciting features. Monthly subscriptions are also available for only $3.95/month. This includes the ability to bookmark favorite puzzles, access hundreds of puzzles and play new content that is added throughout the year.

Andrews McMeel Syndication (Syndication.AndrewsMcMeel.com), a part of Andrews McMeel Universal, provides stories and entertainment that challenge your thinking, make you laugh and provide a daily escape. From favorite comics and challenging puzzles to the edgiest political commentary and editorial cartoons, we cover your entertainment passions by bringing pop culture, thought-provoking gaming and insightful reading into your life.

Who we are and what we do

  • Andrews McMeel Syndication is the largest online packager and distributor of comics, puzzles and word games.

  • Andrews McMeel Syndication syndicates the highly sought-after work of more than 200 iconic writers, cartoonists and puzzle creators.

  • Andrews McMeel Syndication's content offering includes Garfield, Peanuts, Doonesbury, Dilbert, Foxtrot, Pearls Before Swine, News of the Weird, Motley Fool, Dear Abby and a plethora of other nationally-syndicated comic strips, games and text features. We're also developing the next generation of creative minds and artists through our GoComics.com comics site.

  • Andrews McMeel Syndication delivers content to hundreds of Web sites, including major consumer and news portals. Our clients include Yahoo.com, MSNBC.com, WashingtonPost.com and the NYTimes.com. While you may not know our name, you certainly know our work through our partners' vehicles.

  • Andrews McMeel Universal's headquarters are in Kansas City, MO.

  • Visit Syndication.AndrewsMcMeel.com to find out more.